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Q.:  At what age should I sit down with my child(ren) and discuss the dangers of drugs? 
A.:  It is never too early to share how you feel about drugs and what you expect from them.  Every family situation is different. Some children are experimenting with drugs as young as 8 and 9 years old. We suggest that a program of random drug testing is implemented by the age of 12.
Q.:  Is there a way to find out without my child's knowledge?   
A.:  Yes, we can tell you if illegal drugs have been used in your home.
Q.:  In a multi-panel drug test, how will I know which drugs test positive? 
A.:  Each panel has a positive or negative sign for a certain drug or category.  It is no harder than reading a pregnancy test.
Q.:  If I receive a false positive, what should I do? 
A.:  If you receive a positive result, your specimen will be sent to the lab for confirmation.  Challenge a result you feel is false, especially if there are dire consequences such as job loss or jail associated with the finding.  Some medicines used in hospitals for surgical patients can also cause false positives on urine drug screens for amphetamines. Additionally, Amoxicillin has been associated with false positive urine screens for cocaine.
Q.: How soon should I expect to get my results? 
A: Results are usually within 24-48 hours of completing the test if the results are negative.
Q.: What is hair drug screening?
A.:  A hair screen is an examination that uses a small sample of hair to identify the drugs that have been used covering up to 90 day period.
Q.:  Is on site testing as accurate as laboratory testing? 
A.:  Yes, it just as accurate.  The rapid kits provide the same 'cut-off' levels as the labortories and negative results are released on the spot.  Additionally, this will save the employer money since no one has to leave work for the procedure. 
Q.:  Are appointments required? 
A.:  No, but suggested, it helps because a qualified technician may not be available to perform the examination.
Q.:  What are the acceptable forms of payment? 
A.:  Dynasty On Site Collection accepts cash, corporate and personal checks or money orders.
MS and the Workmen's Compensation Act requires all employers to participate in a
Drug Free Work Force Policy if paying into
the Workmen's Compensation Program. 
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Q.:  What is a Toxicology Screen? 
A.:  A toxicology screen refers to tests that determine the type and amount of legal and illegal drugs a person has taken. 
Q.:  How will I know if someone has become ill due to a drug reaction or overdose?
A.:  Look for some of these symptons -
Cocaine - Expect confusion, dizziness, and a dry throat. Also, their breathing will be erratic with short, deep gulps.
Speed - Some people will collapse after overdosing on speed.
Ecstasy - Look for hyperventilation, sweating due to overheating, and unconsciousness.