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Screening Services
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DNA Paternity Testing 
Drug Screens
Hair Follicle
*90 day coverage 
Post Accident
Rapid Test
*5 or 10 panel with adulterant
*Rapid cup results within minutes
*Lab results within 48 hours
Random Programming
Reasonable Cause 
Court Orders accepted         
Other Testing &
Breath Alcohol Testing
(Machine/Swab - DOT certified)
ETG Urine Alcohol
Background Checks
Drug Free Workplace Programs
Emotional & Personality Test
Notary Services
WJ Allen & Associates
16175 Landon Road, Suite B
Gulfport, MS
228 669 7474

While every case is different, we saw a need to offer extended services through WJ Allen & Associates Polygraph Investigations to aid in the process of getting to the details and truth  .  WJ Allen & Associates works with the local Dept. of Mental Health in dealing with sensative family issues in cases of abuse or molestation.  Polygraph investigations are also relevent in pursuing loss or theft allegations.  WJ Allen is a member of American Polygraph Association (APA), since 1983.  When your need to know goes beyond drug screens, call 228 669 7474. 
 SIMONE AND ASSOCIATES                 Dr. Simone J, Simone      
            10585 Three Rivers Rd. Ste. C                         Julene Mayewski
                         Gulfport, MS 39503                                Kim Williams
                           Phone:  228-604-0099
                           Fax:       228-604-2001                                                                         
Simone and Associates offer Therapy to adults-children, families,couples,
for anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD.  They also offer services for ADD/ADHD depression, IQ/Competency, pain management, anger management life skills, parenting skills, stress management,
Chemical Dependency and Evaluation available.