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Do you need to confirm your suspicions?  You don't have
to lay awake at night pondering over what it could or it
could not be.  When you have a need to know, call
Dynasty On Site Collection to get the answers
you need for a restfull nights sleep. Whether your
questions are about drugs, alcohol, or paternity, our
office provides professional, and private services to its
clients.  Certified lab technicians quickly determine the
results of the test . . . providing you with accurate results.
Dynasty’s own distinction as an on-site collection 
service ensures that your employees do not lose time from
work however, office visits are encouraged.  This opportunity for on-site testing is ideal for construction sites, vessesls in transit, truck drivers and group testing for random urinalysis, pre- employment screening or reasonable suspicion. 
Our staff has a decade of experience serving the local community.  In efforts to expand the quality of
our service, we have teamed up with Simone and
 Associates and WJ Allen Polygraph Investigations.
  Our commitment to
each case is a commitment to a service that will not
treat you like a number. 
All testing completed in SAMHSA approved facilities.    Our contracted laboratory
is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks.
A few reasons why customers call  Dynasty On Site Collection:
Out of Area Collection - 
We maintain a network of over 10,000 collection sites available regardless of your home agency. 
Outstanding customer service  We know our customers by name. . . it is a part of providing personalized service.  
Random Testing & Management - Employees can be randomly chosen for testing by computer programming . . . frequency is up to you.   
Urine drug testing is the most common form of screening.  A positive result removes the employee from work and in many cases, he/she will lose their job.
 When you receive a positive drug test result for one of your employees, you can be sure that the result has been reviewed and confirmed by the lab, and verified by the Medical Review Officer (MRO).  You can receive results by secure fax or email as a reporting option.
A qualified staff member at Dynasty On Site Collection will discuss available options that are best suited to fit your needs.