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Dynasty On-Site Collection


Call Dynasty On Site Collection to get the answers you need to know.  Protect and arm yourself with the undisputed truth.  Do you sniff certain odors and wonder . . . What is that smell?  Has your child's behavoir become questionable lately? Are you wondering if the child is even yours? 
Let the certified staff at Dynasty On Site Collection put your mind at ease with a free confidential consultation today.  We can answer all of those questions and more.  Just give us a call or stop by our office . . . today.
Dynasty On Site Collection
16197 Landon Rd, Suite B
Gulfport, MS  39503
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Did you know that certain over the counter or prescription medicines will give you a false positve reading?  List all medications that you may have ingested before testing.
Dynasty On Site Collection spontanteously sends specimens to the lab to make absolute certainty that the lab's equipment is working properly.
Why is it important to implement a Drug Free Work Force Policy?  Mainly, for safety reasons.  Secondly, employees can develop a lack of interest and develop characteristics such as tardiness or abstentism..
DNA Paternity Testing
Drug Screens
Hair Follicle
Breath Alcohol Testing
Background Checks
Court Orders Accepted